Anders Ruff interview for The Today Blog + New Man Shower Invitation Designs in the Shop!

man shower invitation

We all know that man showers are getting to be so popular.  After all, dads are so much more involved in the raising of our little ones, right!? Let’s celebrate the dads as much as the mommy-to-be!

Last week, I was excited to announce that a reporter from The Today Show blog interviewed me about this man shower trend. You can read more about it here.

man shower trend

Adria and I are excited to be releasing some fresh new man shower invitation designs.  The first to share is our Beer, Dudes and Diapers Party which is so perfect for showering any dad or dad-to-be with his buddies.  As I mentioned in the Today article, it is a great way to stock the baby’s diaper stash, too!  I know that my husband’s friends wanted to give J a dad gift, but had no clue how to shop for a guy and his baby.  Diapers are easy and we all know that you go through a ton of diapers with babies!  You can ask that your guests bring a pack of diapers and even a 6 pack of beer to share! Keep it simple and the dads will be thrilled!

man shower invitation

Here is the black and white version of the beer and babies shower invitation , too!dude-diapers-beer-man-daddy-to-be-shower-invitation-09

Another fun theme that people have used for a Beer and Diaper shower for dad is our Red Solo Cup invitation! (See below). We customize it for the beer and diaper party and it is adorable! (Be sure to check out the Red Solo cup party here or the baby shower here on the blog!)

solo cup invitation

If you have a man shower theme in mind and want to see us design something new, feel free to comment below! We’d love your feedback!

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  1. The thought of having a man shower is really weird for me! lol but it’s exciting and fun! Perhaps, I should consider telling my friend about this and sharing your great designs as well!

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