NEW Mustache Valentine’s Day Party & Cards Collection

mustache themed valentines and desserts

We are excited to introduce our Mr & Miss Mustache Valentine’s Day Party Printables Collection!

We took some of your feedback from our facebook poll and decided to create a collection that was perfect for both boys and girls. We all know the “mustache” trend is in full force right now – for both boys and girls!  Go into any toddler, tween or teeny bopper store and you’ll find a mustache or two on the clothes and decor.

Our new Printable Mustache Valentine’s Day Collection includes both the boy and girl colorways of the designs!  That means 2 of each design – one in a boy colorway (red/blue/white/black) and one in a girl colorway (red/pink/white/black).

Yesterday Adria and I put together a quick display of all of the fun designs in our Mustache Valentine’s Day party and card designs.  We had one night to prep the little set, but it was totally “doable” and inexpensive by pulling cake stands and props from lots of past shoots.  It was fun to use our props from past shoots to put together a little setup that anyone could do!  Read on for the details…. and more photos!

A few favorite details were:
– Printable “Mystery Valentine Message” Decoder and Envelope Pocket.  (The kids can decode the secret message by matching up the mustache style with the letters!)  Fold and insert into the printable mystery message envelope.  Include a pencil with a printable flag for an extra bonus!
– Chocolate bar wrappers that say “sweets for your candy “stache””
– “Do you fancy my moo-stache?” valentines cards (Funny!)
– “Keep the gum out of your mustache” Card with a space to include a pack of gum
– Bag toppers that say “You “must” enjoy some now, and “stache” some for later”…. fill with any yummy treat!

Read on for more cuteness!

secret message valentine

One of my favorite printable from the printable collection is the Mystery Valentine’s Day Message and Decoder (above).  We include a little cute printable envelope template (shown above) that you can print and use to carry the fun mystery message.  The kids can decode the message with their printable flag embellished pencil (pencils found at Target for $1!).  They can match up the mustache style with the letter to decode the message.  I have a feeling my boys’ friends will love this! (Also comes in the pink color way!)

printable valentines ring pop

How fun are these ring pops that we encased in the little clear container from Nashville Wraps?  We added a little 3/4″ party logo from the printable collection and some twine (from The Twinery) to make it all cute.  “You are one of a kind”… anyone would love to receive that valentine!

mustache banner

Above, we displayed some dressed up Sweethearts boxes with printed chevron red/white paper and added a printable 2″ party logo from the collection.  I love dressing up the most simple treats like this!  We also showed our printable bag toppers and our kisses labels (3/4″ party logos).

Our cupcakes were placed in cupcake wrappers from Bella Cupcake Couture and we added a chocolate heart lollipop into the center of the cupcake with a printable party flag. (Cupcake + Chocolate lollipop = Super sweet treat!)  We also displayed red and white macarons on the top tier and added a little mustache printable silhouette on top to tie it all together.

valentines day favor tags

Black gable boxes from Nashville Wraps were embellished with Red/white chevron printed paper and we added the “Thanks for being sweet” favor hangtag.  This would be perfect for classroom parties, Valentine’s day parties at home or just a treat for a friend or neighbor.

I love the chocolate bar wrappers – They say “Sweets for your candy “stache”.  We tried to incorporate fun sayings using parts or the whole word “mustache”…. It was quite the challenge!  We also include the mini chocolate bar wrappers in the pink and blue colorways, as shown.

A fun Valentine idea is the “Do you fancy my “moo” stache” printable card with the little mustache silhouette on a stick.  The kids would probably have a ball playing with their mustaches! (and get a kick out of the card, too!)

mustache valentines day water bottle wraps

These “Wet your Whiskers” printable drink wraps are so cute on the glass bottles.  We also added little mustache silhouettes on the straws for an added detail to tie the party together.

Another one of my favorites – “Keep the gum out of your mustache” cards with a place for a stick of gum or pack of gum.  Don’t you love the gum wraps?

Adria put this pillow together for her girls for Valentine’s Day (and she is going to share the DIY on the Ruff draft tomorrow!)


We saw the same mustache phrase all over Pinterest, and had some requests for it, so we included it… but we typically like to use our own cute phrases…. This one was just too cute to not try and do our own version, though!  “I really mustache you a question – will you be my valentine?”  Also, you could add the little clear container with some kisses that rock the 3/4″ party logo printable.

valentines day favor boxes mustache tags

We loved using a shadow box frame as a vessel for red sixlets to set our favors on!

valentines day bag topper treat bags

“You must enjoy some now and stache some for later”… bag toppers!

How fun is the little mustache bunting banner?

valentines day dessert table

The mustache silhouettes were so easy to string together with white thread on the front of the table….

mustache valentines day bag toppers

Also available – a “You melt my heart” folding printable bag topper! (Perfect to include S’mores ingredients) (Thanks to Vivian Kerr for the fabulous wording idea!)

mustache props

valentines day mustache printables

Hopefully this year your kiddos will be excited about sending some fun and colorful Mustache Valentines!
We hope you enjoy!  Who knew mustaches could be so cute?!

Purchase the Printable Mr and Miss Mustache Collection, S’mores Bag Toppers and Gum Wrappers in the shop here.


Vendor Sources & Credits:
Printable Mustache Collection: Anders Ruff
Styling and Photography: Anders Ruff

Twine: The Twinery
Cupcake Wrappers: Bella Cupcake Couture
Clear Containers, Gable Boxes and Cello Bags: Nashville Wraps
Striped Paper Straws and Glass Bottles: Shop My Little Love

PS. See everything that is included in the Full Collection (Boy AND girl sets included) (only $12.50 in the shop!)


  1. Everything is adorable, as always! I went looking for the clear round containers at Nashville Wraps, but can’t seem to find them…do you have a direct link or the actual name of them? Thnaks! 🙂

  2. Love this collection. The mystery decoder envelope does not allow for a name. If you seal the mystery message, make sure you know who it is for or mark the back of the cute envelope.

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