Princess Tea Party with Tutus by Me & Riley (with VIDEO footage!)

If you can’t tell, we are in love with our international clients and the awesome things they come up with.  (We LOVE our US clients, of course, too!)  One thing that I adore about Me&Riley is that they are very progressive and have a distinct style.  They don’t try to do what other planners are doing and their brand is really reflected in each one of their parties.

Emma planned a stunning and activity filled Princess Tea Party and we are thrilled to share it with you today,… along with VIDEO footage (at the bottom of this post).

Our Tea Party & Tutus invitation and printable collection is available in the shop here!

Enjoy the video! WONDERFUL job, Emma with Me & Riley Contemporary Events!


  1. that’s my daughter birthday , Me and Riley did a great job, and thank you anders ruff for the great design .

    1. Hi Amna! The party turned out GORGEOUS! Your daughter must have had a very special day. Thanks for letting us share! We love Me&Riley!

    1. Hi Anna! If you check out our blog we have several really cute parties posted for this theme…. So fun!

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