“Let’s Stick Together, Valentine” – Printable Gum Wrappers!

As you know from our blog posts lately, we are definitely in the Valentine’s Day card and gift mode right now.  Our new Mr & Miss Mustache Valentine’s Day Collection.  It is our full printable collection full of party and decorating designs.  It has been so popular and we just keep coming out with more accessories to coordinate!  The best part – the collection comes with both colorways of each design! (Pink/red/white/black AND blue/red/white/black)!  Boys and girls LOVE mustaches these days!

I have a whole list of poems and sayings that I have been wanting to create valentines for, and these gum wrapper printable valentines definitely topped the list so I knew I had to create one to coordinate with the Mr and Miss Mustache collection!

valentines day candy grams

So….. Don’t get yourself into a “sticky” situation with last minute Valentine planning!  We have the perfect valentine candy chewing gum-gram for you!

classroom valentines poems
The best part!  I went to my local Dollar Tree and bought 5 sets of Big Red gum (They sell them in packs of 4 for $1! so I could get the whole class accomplished for $5) and then got printing and wrapping.  Be careful because a lot of stores only sell the “Orbitz” type larger packs of gum, so I’d definitely head to the Dollar Store for the best value.

Yes, yes, I know kids can’t have gum in school but that is what makes it such a treat – an excuse to get gum at school, since it is Valentine’s Day.

These are so easy to do!

1. Download your gum wrapper printable (Available as an instant download in the shop here.)
2. Print on photopaper or cardstock (or even copy paper if you don’t have either).  Be sure to print at 100% scale and don’t “scale to fit page”
We use an inkjet with photo paper for that gorgeous saturated color.
3. Trim along crop lines/edges with a paper trimmer or scissors
4. Have your child fill out the “to” and “from” section on the back
5. Fold or score on each set of red lines that are on the stripey border.
6. Wrap around the pack of gum (these fit standard packs with 5 pieces) and seal shut with double stick tape.
7. Optional: You could also attach the pack of gum to a printed valentine card for even more cuteness.  (We have one that fits a pack of gum perfectly and says “Keep the gum out of your “stache””.  Those are available in our shop here.)

mustache valentines

PS. Like the symbolism with this one?  How many meanings does that have for “Let’s stick together” on the gum pack, do you think? I can count these:
– Stick as in stick of gum
– Stick as in Stick mustache and lips
– Stick as in Stick together like stick by each other’s side
– Stick as in Stick together like kiss
– Stick as in sticky gum!

I’m a nerd, I know.. but at least my Valentines are cool!

Find the printable gum wrappers in the shop here.  (The set comes with both the blue/red and pink/red sets!)


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