Ruff Draft: DIY Cork Push Pins {& Flash Sale Notice!}

Want to know how we created the fireworks on the back of our Nautical 4th of July backdrop?  Well, today we are sharing our little creation with you!

full shot

We originally found cork art from a favorite designer of ours, Jen, from her blog Footprints.  We love how she painted recycled wine corks and turned them into artwork.  Ready to see how simple this project was???

Supplies needed:

Wine corks – 50 to 100 or so….

Bread knife – or serrated knife

Paint – acrylic, colors of your choice

Straight pins

Gallon zip-lock bags



1. Slice your corks to approx 1/4″ – 3/8″ thick – slice as many as needed



2. Divide your corks into zip-lock bags – add paint to each zip-lock bag.  (you don’t need a ton of paint…. just enough so that you can coat the corks)

3.  Shakes bags and knead the bag of corks to evenly coat the corks….

4. Using parchment paper or wax paper, line table.  Dump corks onto paper, and separate to dry (we used a plastic fork to spread them apart)

5. Once corks are dry, take a straight pin, and push through each one.

6. Use them on fabric covered cork board or foam core board to make a 3D art display.

cork push pins

You can see the pins through each cork if you look closely!

cork fireworks

How cute would this be if you made an initial for you child’s bedroom???  This would be a great craft to do with your kids – plus they can paint without making a mess!

Look at these cute cork push pins – stamp the ends of them and create unique push pins (would be cute to paint them first, and then stamp something on top)

These cork push pins were found from LizzieJoeDesigns

stamped push pins

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  1. These corks are a great idea, thanks for sharing. What I liked best about this party was the garland of nautical pennants! Being a sailor, I found this something I could use again and again on the boat! Thanks for sharing, as always.

  2. I love this idea! Do you know of a good source for corks in bulk? I was thinking of looking at the Save On Crafts website.

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