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FUN Summer Party Themes!

It’s the perfect time to start making preparations for a water themed party!  Beach balls, mermaids, surfing, and sand dollars – with that kind of variety in our shop  we’re bound to have the perfect collection to help add some pizzazz to your event.  You can purchase the full collection at a list price of 50% […]

Sock Hop Party

Our client shared this adorable sock hop party with us that she hosted for her 7 year old’s birthday party!  Complete with a 1950’s car cutout, pink and black guest attire and celebrity guest, Elvis.  Using our 50’s Soda Shoppe printable collection poster as the foundation for her styling we love the end result! Elements we love: – Black and […]


Custom Design

Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff are the principal designers behind the brand.  The duo does freelance graphic design work for individuals as well as major brands for both entertaining, marketing and business needs.

Photo Styling

Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff are known for their attention to detail, appealing aesthetics, creativity, innovative design and styling concepts.  Their design relevance to current trends make them marketable to a broad audience.

In addition to styling for their own brand, The Anders Ruff team is available for freelance styling jobs for brands, magazines, blogs, corporate and celebrity parties.

Editorial Content

The design and styling duo adore styling and producing editorial content for brands.  AR is adaptable and can cater to a variety of looks as well as industries.

Their skills of styling, designing, crafting, baking and sewing give them the tools needed to produce unforgettable content.

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