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January 2010, In a suburb of Charlotte…
Maureen (Anders) and Adria (Ruff), were complete strangers until a preschool open house. In the hallway before parting, they realized that they had a lot in common – the love of all things paper, parties, & design. A wonderful friendship quickly formed and weeks later decided to embark upon a business together! Both devoted and passionate about graphic design, they hoped to change the face of celebration style for those who love it as well.

From there, Anders Ruff was born.

Anders Ruff is the ”go to” shop for unique and stylish printable invitations, decor, printables and party accessories.  Anders Ruff equips the modern hostess with the beautiful details needed to make their events stylish and memorable.  They also offer inspiration for the entire party planning process via the blog.

Since 2010, Anders Ruff has had the opportunity to work with amazing companies such as Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Better Homes and Gardens, Coca Cola, Evite, and more. Some of their most memorable clients include George Clooney and Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford, Emily Maynard, Trista Sutter and Venus Williams.

Our team

Maureen Anders

Co-founder, Creative Director, Stylist & Designer

Maureen grew up in Michigan surrounded by creativity. Her parents were interior designers and amazing artists. Ever since she was a little girl she had an obsession with paper – it was the only thing on her wish list every year to Santa. She even used to sell handmade stationery on the side of the road (instead of lemonade) when she was 6!

Even with her art and design passion, she attended the University of Michigan College of Engineering. She began her career with GE Healthcare as a Diagnostic Imaging Sales Account Manager.  She met the love of her life during her sales training program, moved to North Carolina and hasn’t looked back!

Woven in between the mathematical equations and scientific principles came design inspiration and attention to detail. More than anything else, Maureen has always been completely fulfilled by simply designing and creating from her random daily inspirations. After she had her first son, Jeffrey, Maureen decided that the stressful and travel filled capital sales career was not going to work and she became a stay at home mom.

While home with Jeffrey, Maureen turned her creative outlet into a business in 2006, Posh Papier, where she designed invitations and freelanced large scale art projects seen in House Beautiful and Lonny Magazine.

She loved working for herself, but always felt a void from missing having a design partner. Maureen’s dream was to meet someone with the same goals, aesthetic, interests and vision. When she met Adria at a random preschool open house, it just clicked and she knew it was meant to be!

Anders Ruff has been a dream for Maureen and every day she wakes up with a smile knowing that she will never “work” a day in her life (and working with her best friend is just the icing on the cake!)

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite fashion designer: Tory Burch

Favorite food: Peruvian Chicken (This month’s obsession)

Funny Fact: Self proclaimed OCD


Adria Ruff

Co-founder, Stylist & Designer

Adria was born & raised in Lancaster, Ohio.  She attended Auburn University, with a Bachelor’s of Science and studied Fashion Merchandising, Design & Product Management (specializing in Design). She met her husband, Matt, in her hometown during Christmas break in college. They have two daughters, Brynne and Grayce.

Adria’s first job out of college was as a Costume Technician for a Ballet Company in Columbus, Ohio (Ballet Met). Following that position, she jumped over to the corporate world in Fashion. She worked for Limited Too for 6 1/2 years (now known as Justice).

Before she had her second daughter, Grayce, she quit the corporate life. While staying at home with her daughters, Adria created a small photography business in her hometown. A few years later she incorporated graphic design with her photography as well as custom invitations. (all self-taught) Once she realized what could be done with graphic design, she phased out photography and devoted her spare time to graphic work. She had finally found her true passion!!!

In December, 2009, Adria’s husband’s job was uprooted, which brought them to Fort Mill, SC. The first two months she lived here, all she did was paint and decorate her house…. until one day she bumped into (and officially met) Maureen. They hit it off immediately, and spontaneously decided to start working together in printable graphic design and called themselves “Anders Ruff”.

Their design work started selling immediately, and in a blink of an eye Anders Ruff Custom Designs had been created.

Maureen and Adria are humbled daily by the support & encouragement they have gotten from friends, family, clients and new business acquaintances!

Favorite color: Black

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite TV Show: Scandal

Favorite Fashion Designer: Kate Spade

Becky Jacob

Design Editor & Web Assistant

Favorite color: Green

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family

Favorite food: Eggs, Chocolate

Heidi Moxley

Project Assistant & Shop Manager

Favorite color: Aqua

Favorite finish: Glitter

Favorite food: Pizza

Libby Martel

Design Editor & Designer

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite TV Show: Fixer Upper

Favorite food: All of it

Favorite Font: Avenir


Jen Carver

Stylist, Banner Events

Favorite color: Gold

Favorite font: Didot

Michelle Kujawski

Michelle Kujawski Photography

Michelle Kujawski Photography provided amazing professional photography for Anders Ruff during Maureen’s time in Milwaukee.  Not only is Michelle extremely talented behind the lens, but she is a talented writer and artist (and friend!)

Favorite color: Grey

Favorite font: Futura

Favorite dance move: The worm

Becca Bond

Becca Bond Photography

Becca Bond Photography has teamed up with Anders Ruff since the beginning in 2010.  Becca’s talent in photography and composition has taken Anders Ruff’s work to the next level!  Based in Charlotte area, the Anders Ruff team has some other fun projects up their sleeve with Becca in 2016!

Favorite color:

Favorite font:


Custom Design

Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff are the principal designers behind the brand.  The duo does freelance graphic design work for individuals as well as major brands for both entertaining, marketing and business needs.

Photo Styling

Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff are known for their attention to detail, appealing aesthetics, creativity, innovative design and styling concepts.  Their design relevance to current trends make them marketable to a broad audience.

In addition to styling for their own brand, The Anders Ruff team is available for freelance styling jobs for brands, magazines, blogs, corporate and celebrity parties.

Editorial Content

The design and styling duo adore styling and producing editorial content for brands.  AR is adaptable and can cater to a variety of looks as well as industries.

Their skills of styling, designing, crafting, baking and sewing give them the tools needed to produce unforgettable content.

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