Ruff Draft: DIY Yarn Poms

Are you crazy about yarn poms???  Want to know how to make them???

Today, we are going to show you how to make yarn poms – in various sizes!

We found a great DIY tutorial from Prudent Baby, and knew we had to make some for our latest Monogram Baby Shower Collection!

We used yarn poms to accent drink bottles… made a pom pom banner (stay tuned for more photos on this), and even added them to our simple white cake!

Since we were working with a specific color scheme, we decided to make all of them ourselves to ensure correct colors!


Supplies needed:

Yarn in various colors


Cardboard scraps



First you will need to create your templates from cardboard scraps – old boxes will work.

We created 5 sizes -(TWO each)

1. (2) 4 3/4″ outside circle with 1 1/2″ inside cut-out circle

2. (2) 3 1/2″ outside circle with 1″ inside cut-out circle

3. (2) 3″ outside circle with 7/8″ inside cut-out circle

4. (2) 2 1/4″ outside circle with 1/2″ inside cut-out circle

5. (2) 1.5″ outside circle with 3/8″ inside cut-out circle

– You can use any circles around the house (like bottoms of glass ware, coins, etc) to create your circles, if you don’t want to measure them… the circle sizes do not have to be as we stated above – these are just the sizes we created.


Once your templates are made, cut a very long piece of yarn – I start with about 13 feet (no joke)

creating template

Fold the long piece of yarn in half

Loop it through TWO pieces of cardboard

Once you have looped it to the circle, start wrapping the yarn through the hole, and wrap around circles, multiple times

I typically run out of yarn, and have to loop back in another really long strand.  Once you make one, you can gauge it a little better.

wrapping around cardboard

Wrap yarn until you have filled up the cardboard circles

Next, take your scissors and cut open the yarn along the edge – I just wedge my scissors into the two pieces of cardboard and use that as my guide.

cutting yarn

Once you cut open the circle, then take a separate piece of yarn (6-10 inches will work), and insert it between the cardboard pieces

Pull the separate piece of yarn tight, and knot it in the middle of the cardboard (pulling yarn pieces tight)

Last  – pull cardboard pieces off of the yarn

finishing yarn pom

Cute, right???   … a little time consuming, but the end result is worth it!

Don’t forget to check out our Monogram Baby Shower Collection – we are just loving this new collection, and hope you do too!!

We will be revealing the entire party soon – stay tuned!!!


  1. I tried these and found a great way to recycle my old ribbon spools! Don’t have to cut any templates and they come in a variety of shapes! Also using an upholstry needle with the yarn makes it go much faster!

  2. I just recently tried these and found a great way to recycle my old ribbon spools! Works great and the spools also come in many different widths! Also an upholstry needle makes the threading through the whole much easier! Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas!
    Cheri Murphy

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