A Nautical 4th of July Party

full shot

If you haven’t seen our 4th of July Collection yet from Hostess with the Mostess, today we are sharing the full Nautical 4th of July Party!  Pictures were taken by the fabulous Becca Bond.

This year, while we were researching ideas for our 4th of July props, we noticed lots of twine accent pieces along with a nautical flare among the stores…. We knew right away that we wanted to incorporate this preppy New England look.

We wanted to use old wooden boxes and crates like you might find around boating docks, and also mix in a vintage lantern and Captain’s wheel to give that sailor vibe.  We created boating sail flags as a pennant banner and embellished most items with twine.  Very rustic, yet clean & simple!  Sailor knots were a must, and we simulated fireworks as you might see above the harbor.


Here are some of the fun details!

cakeWe died shoelaces red, and made our own sailor’s knotted roping along base of the cake!

Sail pennant cookies were strung across the top!  Firefly Confections matched the cookies to our designs – soooo fantastic!


table up close

Turn corks into push pins to create 3D visual displays!

cork fireworks


We wanted to serve  simple foods, yet catchy… Firecrackers and cheese anyone? Or how about some patriotic parfaits?


pie in a jar

Pies are always a summer favorite – we decided to create a non-bake “Pie in a Jar”…. festive and easy to do – your guests will love this home-made feel!


We wrapped twine around vintage jugs to give that sailor swagger – Red & blue kool-aid is perfect for all summer parties!

side table

We used cutting boards as serving trays for our lunch vignette… with a galvanized container to hold easy lunch items (wrapped pb & j, macarons & chocolate covered apple) – along with standing popcorn containers.  We added tissue fringe to the popcorn box and toothpicks for some firework flare.  Napkin wraps and bottle wraps are a simple trick to tie in the decor elements…. and we used wooden utensils along with vintage bottles to go along with our Nautical theme.


A great way to dress up your table decor is with candles – however, you can use inexpensive ones and embellish them to add interest!  We used twine and a favor tag to make a simple white candle look like it was purchased from a boutique!


Remember the DIY 3D Art project we showed you on the Ruff Draft?

We also used this template to create custom 4 & July pillows.  We designed the pillows from scratch – a super simple DIY project to spruce up chairs!

chair pillows



We stacked red, white & blue macarons in clear containers for stripe affects!

Top view of our patriotic parfaits!





– Cork Firework Backdrop Craft: Keeping with the “nautical” concept, we wanted to incorporate corks. We made a backdrop using re-purposed wine corks. We cut them into 1/2″ slices first. Then we threw them in a ziploc bag with acrylic paint and shook them around. Laid out to dry on wax paper. When they were dry, we used straight pins to push through the cork and into the backdrop board (which was made of foam core). (Homemade tacks, really) We arranged them to look like firework mosaic on the backdrop.

– Applique Pillows: We used our printable “4″ and “July” to create a template to cut out fabric. We stitched it onto white denim fabric and frayed the edges.

– Homemade Rope Cake Decor: we dyed shoelaces red, and tied knots to create a rope garland for around the cake. It replicated the Polo brand rope garland on the front of the table.

– Cake bunting: Firefly confections made pennant cookies on string for a cake bunting.

– Twine wrapped candle favors embellished with our printable favor hangtag.

– Tissue paper firework cupcake toppers.

– Popcorn Boxes with fringy trim.

– Twine wrapped jugs (These can be expensive in the store so we bought one at an antique store and added our own twine)

– Monogram “4″ wrapped with twine


– FireCRACKERS and Cheese: We packaged round crackers in cellophane and added printable wrap to the base. Tied with twine. Star cookie cutters were used to cut cheese and we stacked them and topped with a tissue “firework” toothpick.

– Red, white and blue macarons: packaged in clear boxes from Nashville Wraps for favors.

– Blueberry Patriotic Parfaits: Phyllo Cups with yogurt and blueberry, topped with a party flag.

– Pie in a jar with twine wrap: Graham cracker crust, white chocolate mousse and raspberries on top.

– Galvanized lunch boxes: DIY Chocolate apple, macarons, sandwich and rock candy.


Nautical 4th of July Printables are available in our NEW shop for purchase and instant download. (On SALE for $10 until June 15!)



– Concept and Styling & Printables: Anders Ruff
– Photography: Becca Bond Photography
– Cookies: Firefly Confections
– Clear Macaron Favor Boxes: Nashville Wraps


  1. I was wondering where you found the galvanized container….I can’t find them rectangular anywhere online! Want them for a work party, preferrably between 6-8″ in length. This sure is cute!

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