AR Workshop Grove City Opens as 3rd Ohio AR Workshop

AR Workshop Grove City

The AR Workshop craze has definitely hit Ohio! AR Workshop fans in the state were surely rejoicing over the recent grand opening of AR Workshop Grove City, the third AR Workshop location for Ohio! Curious about what AR Workshop is all about? Pop in and check out the AR Workshop Grove City in person, located at 2748 London Groveport Road – Grove City, OH. Be prepared to see amazing home décor project ideas, cute retail items for sale, and friendly staff assisting workshop attendees with the crafting of their own custom chosen home décor projects. Workshop participants are loving the freedom they have to DIY their own personalized pillowcases, wall hangings, wood framed signs, centerpiece boxes, picture frames, lazy susans, and more! New designs, styles, and projects hit the classes each month, and the sky is the limit on what you can create.

ar workshop grove city

To understand how awesome AR Workshop Grove City is, you need to know a little about new owner, Bonni Auteri. Bonni is a queen of DIY. A lover of crafting, she especially enjoys creating unique items and repurposing objects into something different than their original function. Bonni is no stranger to hard work and accomplishing difficult things. As a single mother of two, she worked full time and earned her MBA, all while raising her children. She knew one day she would own her own business, and we couldn’t be more excited that that time is now and that business is with AR Workshop.

Best friends with Jeni Tutoli, Bonni and Jeni have enjoyed many weekends spent traveling and crafting together. After attending a workshop at another AR Workshop location, they knew they wanted to open their own workshop in Grove City. The third location in Ohio, AR Workshop Grove City is a DIYer’s dream-come-true, and Bonni and Jeni can’t wait to introduce you to the experience!

Don’t delay! Peruse the online workshop schedule and sign up for a class today!

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