Friday’s Favorite Thing – The Twinery

We love The Twinery and I’m so excited that they are Friday’s Favorite Thing this week!  Why all the love you might ask?  Well, they sell twine – lots of fabulous, colorful, chic twine.   Twine might be the next best thing to chevron stripes and if you haven’t had much exposure to it I’m about to get your heart pumping with some great inspiration and a 25% discount code to The Twinery (see below for details)!

I personally had never used twine before, but had seen Maureen and Adria use it a lot!  I love the look of it and I love how it just adds a little something extra that ribbon or yarn can’t do.  To me it’s like using a fat tip marker opposed to a fine tip maker…..the fine tip is just a bit more refined! Then, after lots of twine admiring, The Twinery sent me 4 big spools of it and now I use it on everything.  I wrap it around glasses to use as cup markers with each person getting their own color (or mix of), I make poms for all my packages (bows are such a thing of the past for me now), I wrap it around cards that I give to people, and decorate wrapped packages with it.  Really the uses are endless and I would probably start to withdraw if I didn’t have a supply of at least a few colors on hand.

The above photos show some different ways Maureen and Adria have used it and we of course use it on all of our hangtags cards!  Basically, the crafters golden rule should be….if it’s solid, wrap it with twine for a polished and adorable finished look!  For other fabulous and fun uses for twine check out The Twinery’s Pinterest board and blog.  Then head to The Twinery’s super awesome shop, pick out some spools, and apply the code ANDERSRUFF25 for a 25% discount through March 31, 2013.

Good for: 25% off any order placed at
Expires: March 31, 2013


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