DIY: How to Create Dried Hydrangea Arrangements for Home Decor

dried hydrangeas

drying hydrangeas

I do not claim to have the greenest thumb, but have been getting better! I do know that I can dry some hydrangeas like they are going out of style.  (It is not hard to let a plant die and dry out…. I am pretty darn good at that!)
Today, I thought I’d show you guys a super easy way to make dried hydrangeas arrangements that are perfect to decorate your home for a long time!

In our new house in Milwaukee, we have a 12 year old home, which has its pluses and minuses.  The plus is that there is existing plant life and trees!  We have a huge bed of hydrangeas that was a huge selling point for me!

As you can see, they are starting to get brown and dry out outside.  I wanted to clip all of the ones that had no brown on them and dry them out to hopefully preserve the pretty greenish color.

drying hydrangeas

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All you need are these MATERIALS:
– Pots of your choice (We love these Guy Wolff English pots (remember we shared the good find here!)
Floral Foam Bricks
Scissors or Garden Shears
– Hydrangea Stems (Try to get the ones that aren’t browned yet)

drying hydrangeas

STEP 1: Clip some nice looking hydrangea mop heads from your plants. I tried to get the ones that didn’t have any brown dried petals yet.

hydrangea clippings
STEP 2: Cut the Floral Foam to fit your pots tightly. I used a serrated knife.

using floral foam

filling pots with dried hydrangeas

STEP 3: Trim the leaves off the stems

trimming hydrangea bushes to make arrangements

STEP 4: Arrange starting from closest to the rim of the pot, working upwards, varying sizes of the flower blooms.  You want the pot to look even on both sides, so try and keep consistent sizes for symmetry but mix in smaller ones for more dimension.

arranging dried hydrangeas

how to create flower arrangements

STEP 5: Check from all sides to be sure you can’t see any of the floral foam inside.

dried hydrangea arrangement

Wham, Bam, thank ya, mam!  Done and done and I can’t wait to look at these every day.  I know that they will have a little color change and shrinkage, but they will still fill my room with a gorgeous look and texture.  Until next summer, when I spruce it up with new ones!

finished dried hydrangea pot

This is SUCH an easy tutorial and you can fill fun wooden planter boxes, or antique boxes using the same techniques!

vintage farmhouse flower box

I filled up two of my favorite Guy Wolff Pots and put it on our display in our dining room.


dried hydrangeas

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drying hydrangeas