A Swan Princess Party – Making Manners Fun!

Swan Princess Sony 521

If  you haven’t heard, we partnered with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on a recent Swan Princess party photo shoot and shared the party yesterday on the blog.  If you missed it, click here  for the full story!

The Swan Princess – A Royal Family Tale is coming out on 2.25.14 and we have fabulous swan princess printables for you to host your OWN Swan Princess Party!  The fabulous Chana Wood of Sugar Wood came to shoot our styled Swan Princess party and today we are showing off some of the activities she captured for us.  We will be sharing details from the party all week long, so make sure to check back each day!


Traditional princess parties always include dressing up with lots of jewelry!  Our princesses wore tutus, tanks and hair accessories from Strawberrie Rose with monogrammed gloves from Great Stitch at our Swan Princess Party.  They also had fun dressing up in the sparkly crown that comes inside the DVD + Digital Ultraviolet packaging!

swan princess movie

Princess parties usually include a traditional tea time as well.   We wanted to teach basic table manners while having tea, to our young prince and princesses, plus keeping it fun for all.  We organized a “play” tea party and demonstrated how prince and princesses would act at a “real” tea party.  We designed a printable placemat that shows basic table settings, including:  plates, silverware, napkins & cups.


We set up a gold tray that included all the necessary items to set each place setting.  As the princesses were seated, we had our little prince pass around the tray as we guided each princess in how to place each item on the table. (with lots of “please” and “thank-you’s”)

Swan Princess tea party tray




Once the princesses set their placemats correctly, we practiced how to pass the sugar and cream around the table as well as placing their napkin on their lap while eating.



Our little prince was an exceptional example for all the princesses! From passing out the table items cordially, to placing his napkin on his lap.  Monogrammed napkins were from Great Stitch.


We encouraged simple manners such as: elbows off the table; sip, don’t slurp; always say please & thank you; princess legs should be crossed at the ankles; princes sit up strong; wiping mouths with napkins; pass items politely around the table; ask to be excused when finished.

Once our tea party was over, we moved onto A Prince & Princess Perfect Posture Game.  We asked each prince or princess to walk across the room holding a book on their head.  The winner was the one that made it across the room without dropping the book.  We designed a printable book cover for an added detail.


Don’t you just love these monogrammed gloves? (above)

Swan Princess Sony 576

Swan Princess Sony 605The prince & princesses practiced their postures with steady heads, straight backs and graceful strides.  It took a few times before they perfected it!

We were pleasantly surprised by how well each prince or princess tried to demonstrate their finest manners at our Swan Princess Party.  They really enjoyed practicing the techniques and we know they will continue to use these simple skills learned at the party.

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Find the printable invitation and swan princess collection here.

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Production, Design & Styling: Anders Ruff
Photography: Chana Wood of Sugar Wood

Custom Tutus, Tanks and Hair Accessories: Strawberrie Rose
Ruffled Tablecloth: Candy Crush Events
Necktie: Tadpole & Lily
Monogrammed Princess Gloves & Napkins: Great Stitch
Paper Straws, Patterned Party Paper, Baking Cups: Smashcake & Co.
Wooden Utensils: Sucre Shop
Tissue, Pink Purse Favor Boxes, Stacking Hat Boxes, Shred: Nashville Wraps
Honeycomb Hanging Poms: Shop Sweet Lulu

Decorated Custom Sugar Cookies: Sugary Sweet Cupcakes & Treats
Polka Dot Chocolate Oreos: Sweeties By Kim
Ombre Yellow Marshmallows: Madyson’s Marshmallows
Candy: Candy Galaxy