My Vintage Casino Party – Game Night with Friends

poker party dessert table

poker party dessert table

Stay!  Hit me! Jackpot!  I have wanted to have an official Casino Game Night Party with dessert table, decor ideas and all for a LONG time.  Since I moved to Milwaukee last November, I have met some super fun friends who LOVE a reason to party.  (They sure know how to socialize up here in Wisconsin!) I feel so lucky to have met so many great friends in such a short period of time.  I invited just a few of them over for a Casino Party and Game Night with husbands.  I served a Southern Meal and we played games til the wee hours of the night.  It was a BLAST!

My sweet friend, Michelle (of Michelle Kujawski Photography) was at the party and captured some shots in the evening. I had captured some during the day that are a bit brighter, so don’t mistake her work for mine! She is way better! 😉  I just am SO excited to share this theme!

I think Game Nights, Poker Nights, Gambling Parties are not shown enough and I hope you all like this new spin on the theme!

Casino Parties and Game Nights are great for birthday parties, retirement parties, anniversaries, or just a fun evening in with friends.  These are great for ANY time of year!  I promise if you host a game night party like THIS, you will have a blast with quality time and it will be a night to remember!  There may or may not have been some funny photos of certain people dancing at the end of the party, but I’ll leave that to your imagination!

Read on for all of the photos and the party details Oh, and all of the printables you see are available in our shop!

poker party cupcakes

game night rules

game night centerpieces

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printable casino night banner

Read in the detailed writeup for how we made these House of Cards decorations!

house of cards decorations

casino party dessert recipes

dice desserts

popcorn presentation

poker cookie recipe

game night desserts

game night

lucky cupcakes

gambling party cupcakes

house of cards decoration

cards cookies

poker party macarons

game night poster

poker party favors

late night snacks

casino party desserts


poker party

My friends and I before the gambling….


and “after”….


Of course, we had to play LCR (Left, Center, Right)! It is such a simple game and fun to play with a group because it doesn’t require any thinking and you can bet your friends.



We also played Casino Yahtzee, which is fun to play in teams.


vegas night party favors


My Party Details:

I love game nights with friends.  Now that everyone has kids, sometimes we just want a low key evening in instead of going out to dinner.  Entertainment can be pretty simple when you have a fun group and some classic games (see the bottom of my post for my favorites).

I wanted to design a Printable Game Night or Poker Party invitation and design set that was the common red, black and white but had some edge and some vintage feel to it.  Not quite the typical “vegas” look, but something more stylish. I hope you love!  These Game Night Printables are in our shop here.

The focal point of the room was the dessert table that was on our built-in in our dining room. The huge “Casino Night” poster design that we created was printed by PrintMy and looked amazing with fabulous color.

To add height, I used Black Storage Boxes of different height to raise and lower certain parts of the dessert table and White Milk Glass Cake Stands.

I used white Styrofoam Cubes to make the 3D vintage looking dice with our Printable.  I also placed our “Game Rules” 8×10 Party Sign on a White Easel. (None of these rules were actually followed)

One EASY and inexpensive decoration was the House of Cards.  I made House of Cards props using Jumbo Playing Cards and hot glue. (Did you really think those were just free standing on the tables?! LOL!)  I made these and put them all over the place!

The dining room table was a poker table top on top of our regular table.  It not only fit the “look” but also was functional for the party.  You can find inexpensive ones here.

The centerpieces were simple Glass Apothecary Jars filled with red and white candy along with scattered dice.

I made the super easy desserts for the party that were casino / game themed!

I served Lucky Cupcakes in our printable cupcake wrappers. We put our printable party flags on the Heart Topped Toothpicks and stuck them into the cupcakes.  We also served black and white macarons on the cake stands. Fun printable folding party labels were used to label all of our desserts in the shape of a spade or club (in the shop!)

I made Dice Truffles using this square mold and a combination of Oreo crumbs and Cream Cheese (so simple!) dipped in black chocolate and added white fondant dots to the outsides.

The Playing Card Cookies were also no-bake and simple to make! (Use Petite Ecolier Cookies + Fondant + Heart and Diamond Mini Cutters.

We dressed up white scalloped popcorn boxes with a printable party logo and red tissue paper from Nashville Wraps.

I also made chocolate ganache macarons (black and white) to coordinate. I’ll be posting a video tutorial soon!


We played LCR (Left Center, Right), which was a total hit with my friends.  A friend brought Cards Against Humanity, too. I hear that is quite dirty and we didn’t end up having time to play but I’m intrigued!  We also played Casino Yahtzee and a few others.

The guys played poker on our poker table top with a simple case of poker chips. 

I served a Southern meal (pulled pork bbq, corn bread (made by my friend, Amy), Southern Green Beans, Cole Slaw, Mac and Cheese (in the crock pot!) and southern banana pudding.

The night was a blast!

The guests all left with a pack of playing cards (I bought a set of bulk ones here) that we wrapped with our printable design from our shop. SO Easy! People loved it!

Special thanks to Michelle of Michelle Kujawski Photography for the photos!


– Concept & Styling: Anders Ruff
– Professional Photography: Michelle Kujawski Photography
– Printable Poster & Decor: Anders Ruff Shop
– Printing of our 36×48 Poster Design: Print My Picture Online
– Tissue Paper: Nashville Wraps

The BEST Games for Game Night:
LCR (Left, Center, Right)
Apples to Apples
Cards Against Humanity

More SOURCES to help you plan your own Game Night or Casino Night!
Heart Toothpicks (as shown with flags on it on top of the cupcakes)
Poker Table Top
Popcorn Boxes
Jumbo Playing Cards (to make house of cards decorations)
Chalkboard Stand (for rules or cocktail menu)
White Milk Glass Cake Stands
Black Storage Boxes (used as height props on the dessert table)
– Playing Card Cookies (Use Petite Ecolier + Fondant + Heart and Diamond Mini Cutters (to make the playing card cookies)
Lets Play Cards Cookie Cutters
Square Silicone Mold (to make dice truffles)
Poker Ice Mold (to make ice cubes or chocolates for the party)
Bulk Playing Card Packs for favors (Using our Printable Card Wrap as shown)
Square Styrofoam Blocks (To make the vintage 3D looking dice with our Printable)
White Easel (to prop up Game Rules Sign)
Roulette Drinking Game Set
Black and White Straws
Poker Chip Set
Casino Coasters
Card Night Napkins
– Black Tissue Hanging Decor Fans
White Tissue Hanging Decor Fans
– Red Hanging Decor
Cocktail Glasses
Black and White Nut or Snack Cups
– Playing Dice