Claire’s Lunar Luau Party

‘Tis the season….it’s another Luau party!  Our dear friend Brenda of GreatStitch added Lunar in front of her Luau and thus a slumber party was born.  Below Brenda gives us the fun facts about her cute party.

When we found out our sweet little friend next door wanted a luau party for her sixth birthday, we knew it was time for a serious bash.  And when we found out it was a sleepover for Claire’s friends, we knew only a “Lunar Luau” would do.  Since a trip to Hawaii was out of the question, we decided to bring the islands to the middle of Oklahoma.
The living room became the sleeping quarters.  Each party guest had a monogrammed pillowcase and gift bag from GreatStitch with her initial on it.  The pillowcases served as chair covers for the first part of the evening, and were tied with tulle bows. Then they were used for the sleepover portion of the evening, and finally each guest got to take them home in their bags as a remembrance of a special night. 

A gorgeous name banner hung over the fireplace under the giant purple lanterns.  It may not come as a surprise that purple is Claire’s favorite color.  Claire got a special outfit for the occasion with a “grass skirt” tutu and a GreatStitch birthday shirt.
The dining room was transformed into the ultimate beach party site.  A frame of bamboo was draped with a recycled fishing net and covered in flowers and strung with lantern lights.  The buffet was home to the roast pig (ham sandwiches and bacon wrapped wienies), pineapple mango salsa, and an array of desserts, including specially prepared cookies from Last Course Bakery and coconuts (chocolate cake balls).  We made a bright floral valance that matched the pillowcases for over the window.  And AndersRuff did the Luau Water labels, the napkin rings (address labels punched and ribboned) and the name cards.
The table featured tiki torches to show off the flowered plates with personalized place cards and utensil holders from Anders Ruff.  They were also the source for the Luau Water labels for the drinks.  Each place setting included a frozen strawberry lemonade drink with flowered straw, a pail filled with sand (pudding), and veggies in a bamboo holder.  The lovely photos of the event were taken by Digital Detours Photography.

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  1. these are awesome ideas but what is the bucket full of sand? is that actual sand and secondly, do you have any ideas for a possibly cheaper party for girls that are 14, there will be 6 of them but only 5 sleeping over.

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