Pierson’s Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party – A Dinosaur Excavation!

dinosaur kids table

dinosaur party dessert table

I am so excited to share my son’s recent 6th birthday party!  Last year’s bowling party was fun but this year, Pierson decided that he wanted a Dinosaur birthday party.  I was totally fine with that because it was not a commercial theme and I had some fun dinosaur party ideas for a long time that I’ve been wanting to execute!

Instead of a cartoon-ish dinosaur party, I wanted to create more of a classic museum look – a look that was appropriate for bigger boys (but one that could also work for younger ones).  Pierson is curious about fossils and dinosaur skeletons and bones, so we decided celebrate with a Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party!

We incorporated wood crates of various sizes, green topiary boxwood balls and faux grass, faux wheat grass and of course, spray painted wooden dinosaurs throughout the entire party!

Michelle Kujawski, our contributing photographer of Michelle Kujawski Photography, did an amazing job capturing all of the elements from the party!

dinosaur kids table

We sent out fun Dinosaur Dig Excavation Birthday Party Invitations to all of Pierson’s friends.  I love how the address wrap turned out (I’ll share that photo soon)! Magnifying glasses can be found here. (So cute to include in the invite if you are hand delivering!)

dinosaur paryt invitation

It’z My Party Cakery in Milwaukee made the most adorable dinosaur cake for the dessert table!  I displayed the cake on a glass cake stand that was filled with edible sand to go with the dinosaur dig theme (finely chopped graham cracker crumbs). (By the way, the cake was just as yummy as it was beautiful!)  Tip: These glass cake stands are on sale and are just like the ones we used!

dinosaur cake

I incorporated rustic antiqued wood, greenery and pops of orange and green throughout the entire party.  I love how the kids tables turned out, especially because I was so excited to find these greenery boxwood topiary balls to hang throughout!  They felt so “dinosaur” but still party-ish (is that a word?) and added the natural green element!

The orange painted dinosaurs were SUCH a hit with the kids. We used these in the entire party and it was our signature motif that helped carry the look throughout and set the tone.



Now, more details on the dessert table…
Dino-43I incorporated various greenery plants throughout the table, along with antique wooden props and boxes for height and texture.  We framed a printed poster on the backdrop which added that customized element with lots of color and pattern from the dinosaur dig printable collection.

dino dig party

I created fun Dinosaur Dig Excavation desserts by filling clear mason jars with ground up graham crackers as the base, and then filling it with whipped pudding, and topping it with more graham cracker crumbs and topping it with white chocolate dinosaur bones that I made.  We adhered a wooden spoon (from Sucre Shop) to the side of the jar and embellished it with a printable “Dig in” label from our printable Dinosaur Dig Collection.

dinosaur dig cups


I added dramatic decor into the table by creating these 3D Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles and spray painting them with orange spray paint.

dinosaur decor

We also displayed cupcakes in glass cake stands filled with graham cracker crumb “sand” and placed them in cupcake wrappers from Bella Cupcake Couture.  We topped them with ruffle matted printable party logos from our new dinosaur party printable collection.

See how cute the graham cracker crumb lined glass cake stand looks? So unique in displaying desserts like this! Best of all, the cake stand is so versatile!


Our sweet friend, Chana Wood, of Sugar Wood made these amazing orange icing filled Oatmeal Cream cookies.  I loved how my white chocolate bones turned out in my bone mold, and so I displayed these cookies in graham cracker crumb “sand” and scattered the dino bones around.

Even though some of my desserts were not dinosaur “themed”, it was easy to make them fit into the theme with techniques like this!

dino cookies

Another shot of the dinosaur.  So cool that it was a puzzle and we painted it…. the kids LOVED it (and my kids loved helping me prep for the party by helping me assemble and paint it!)


You know we love Sweeties by Kim chocolate covered oreos, and this was one of my favorite ways to display her cookies! Again, I filled the glass cake stand with graham cracker crumb “sand” and then I could easily stand up the oreos vertically.  They totally resembled dinosaur eggs! I added a printable party label from the Dino printable collection on a stick and vertically propped it up by using a little ball of fondant at the base under the “sand”.

dino egg cookies

Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design made these amazing fossil cookies and dinosaur cookie pops!  Are they not perfect!?  We loved sticking the dinosaur cookies out of a glass vessel with faux wheatgrass. It was perfect!

fossil cookies

We love searching out for the best selection of candies and we loved showing off their orange sour balls and candy rocks. They were PERFECT! To bring in the natural element and make the glassware more rustic, we added twine around the glassware and customized it with a printable party label.

dinosaur party candy


Now, for the details on the Kids Tables and Place Settings!  I adored these green topiary boxwood balls (find similar ones here) and the small topiaries that I set on the table (similar here).  The table was lined with fabric runners in a bright green color.  I mixed in the wooden decor as the centerpiece with the spray painted dinosaur for another pop of color.

dinosaur place settings

One of my favorite elements was the kids’ dinosaur lunch boxes!  These were so much fun and the kids were in love! (sometimes its hard to get kids to want to eat lunch at a party, but these kids “DUG IN!”).  We incorporated learning into the lunch, too, by labeling the items with “herbivore”, “carnivore” special labels from our New Dinosaur Lunch Label set!

The boxes were from Nashville Wraps and we wrapped them with a strip of tissue paper and tied it together with Nashville Wraps jute twine.  We embellished it with a “Dig in and enjoy” printable hangtag that is part of our Dinosaur Printables in our shop. (Find them here)

dinosaur party place setting

The Dinosaur Lunch at each child’s place setting included:
– Dino Tracks Trail Mix (pretzels, candy rocks, sixlets, raisins) and was topped with our printable topper.
– A mandarin orange (labeled with a “Sweet Herbivore Snack” printable from our Dinosaur Lunch Label Set.)
– Carrots (in a cute Nashville Wraps container) with a “Crunchy Herbivore Munchies” label from our Dinosaur Label set)
– A Turkey and Swiss sandwich (wrapped with butcher paper and labeled with a “Tasty Carnivore Bites” label from our dinosaur label set).

dinosaur lunch box

We topped each box with a spray painted dinosaur (from Oriental Trading)They looked so cute!  The hangtag from our printables said “Dig in and enjoy!” and finished it off so nicely.

dinosaur packaged lunches

Sucre Shop sent us the cutest striped wooden utensils.  We embellished mason jars (from Oriental Trading) with printable “Dino-Mite Drink” labels from our printables in the shop.  Straws (from Smash Cake Studio) were embellished with a printable party flag from our printable collection.

dinosaur drink

dinosaur kids lunch

dinosaur lunch box

dinosaur party snacks
We had a beverage bar area with water bottles that had been wrapped with our printable drink wrappers from the Dinosaur Dig excavation printable collection.  (Pssst! This is the easiest way to add themed elements to your party! Drink wraps on store bought bottles!)

dinosaur drink wrap

The kids enjoyed “Digging in” and felt like the little lunch boxes were personalized and like opening a present of fun foods!



Print My had fabulous printing for our printable posters and signs! I love the color! The quality is fantastic.


Now, for the Dinosaur Party ACTIVITIES!

dinosaur party kids activities

When the kids arrived, they became true “dinosaur excavators” by getting dressed for the occasion.
Brenda of Great Stitch made the most ADORABLE embroidered t-shirts and hats for the kids….
Each child received the hat, shirt and an ID Badge customized with each kid’s name that we put in a lanyard from Oriental Trading.

For the first activity, each child received a Dinosaur Excavation Kit that we made by ironing on our customized Dinosaur Dig Excavation kit design onto burlap totes from Nashville Wraps. We used onlinelabels.com opaque transfers for ironing on the labels. They turned out perfect!

The bags each were labeled with a customized laminated luggage tag from our printable luggage tag set.

dinosaur favor bag

Inside were several Dig Kits (from here) which included adorable digging sticks and brushes.  We also included magnifying glasses from Oriental Trading. The kids had everything they needed to get digging!

dinosaur dig tools

See how cute the Great Stitch hats and shirts were!? Keep an eye out for more details from Great Stitch!

The kids had so much fun digging for bones. The Oriental Trading kits were so perfect!  We bought metal cookie sheets for the kids to use as trays so that the dust from their digging stayed in one spot (kinda!)

dino dig

We had so many little diggers at our party that we had a second room set up.  I designed a giant poster (available here) that said “Pierson’s Dinosaur Dig” and displayed it over the favor table.

dinosaur party favors

I loved how the pop of orange on the wooden dinosaurs turned out!  I spray painted 3D Dinosaur Puzzles and it was so simple!
The banner from our printable collection was hung on the front of the buffet.

dinosaur party banner

Print My did a wonderful job printing our posters!

dinosaur birthday party poster

One of the favors the kids received was a customized Dinosaur coloring activity book.  (Available in our shop here)
Posh Paper Creations made the most adorable dinosaur crayons that we included in each bag with the coloring book.  You could also make some using dinosaur molds and melted crayons (see our crayon tutorial here)

The activity book included a cover, connect the dots game page, word search page (with Pierson’s name and six being some of the words they had to find!), and a page to decorate dinosaur eggs.

dinosaur coloring book

dinosaur coloring book printable

Another hit at the party was our Dinosaur Dig-Tac-Toe … Get it.. Dig? Tac Toe… (Tic-tac-toe)… ok. We designed this game and then spray painted plastic toy dinosaurs in orange and green as the playing pieces. The kids played the game and didn’t want to stop!  Such an oldie but goodie game!

The printable Dig Tac Toe game board is available customized in our shop.

dinosaur printable game

printable tic tac toe

printable dino party game


dinosaur tic dig tac toe

Candy Crush Events made a burlap topped tablecloth for our other activity table. It was precious!


burlap table cloth

The kids enjoyed working on Dinosaur Activity Sheet placemats!  You could buy or make dinosaur shaped crayons. This dino mold works well! (and can also be used for candy or chocolate!)

dinosaur coloring placemat

dinosaur coloring activity placemat




We had another fun activity area set up for the kids that included a Dinosaur Excavator ADORABLE custom tent from Great Stitch.  Our little excavators loved hanging out in the tent.  It was so precious and had Pierson’s name custom embroidered on the sides.  Great Stitch also made custom pillow cases for pillows under the tent.

Balloons from Smash Cake Studio were attached at the back of the tent and looked so cute against the large scale dinosaur party printable coloring wall poster.  We made tissue paper leaf garland (tutorial coming soon) hanging above for a pop of color.

dinosaur tent and coloring wall

dinosaur party shirt


dinosaur coloring wall poster

The Coloring Wall poster spanned 12 feet and was such a huge help at the party in between activities.  The kids could have colored all day!

By the way, we now offer professional printing for our large posters and coloring wall posters!

dinosaur coloring wall

dinosaur coloring wall printable

dinosaur coloring wall activity




Aren’t the Great Stitch sewn items so adorable!?dinosaur tent

dinosaur leaves

The kids went home with a jar of chocolate candy rocks from here…. The jar was from Specialty Bottle and we labeled it with one of our printable “Thanks, You Rock” labels! (Which are available in our shop here)

dinosaur party-favor


Pierson couldn’t wait to blow out his candles on his cake from It’z My Party Cakery!  Love these photos that Michelle Kujawski Photography captured!



Find all of our NEW Dinosaur Dig Excavation Party Printables in the shop here.

Follow us on PINTEREST to see even more fun inspiration and ideas!


– Party Styling, Production & Concept: Anders Ruff
– Dinosaur Invitation & Printable Graphics: Anders Ruff Shop
– Professional Photography: Michelle Kujawski Photography (Facebook page here)

– Custom Embroidered T-Shirts & Hats: Great Stitch
– Custom Embroidered Tent & Pillow Cases: Great Stitch
– Custom Burlap Table Cloth: Candy Crush Events
– Dinosaur Excavation Kits, Mini Dino Skeletons, 3d Dino Puzzles, Mason Jars, Magnifying Glass: here
– Cupcake Wrappers: Bella Cupcake Couture
– Burlap Bags, Kraft Eco Boxes, Shred, Jute Twine, Tissue Paper, Clear Food Containers: Nashville Wraps
– Glass Containers: Specialty Bottle
– Label Material for Printing: Onlinelabels.com
– Printing: Print My
– Dinosaur Crayons: Posh Paper Creations
– Wooden Utensils: Sucre Shop
– Paper Straws & Balloons: Smash Cake Studio

– Custom Cake: It’z My Party Cakery
Candy Rocks, Candy Pebbles, Orange Sour Balls: here
– Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookies: Sugar Wood
– Custom Sugar Cookies: Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design
– Dinosaur Egg Cookies (Chocolate Covered Oreos): Sweeties by Kim

More Fabulous SOURCES to Create your own Dinosaur Party:
Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles: here or here
Clear Jars (for pudding desserts)
– Faux Wheatgrass: here and here
– Greenery Topiary Balls: here
– Glass Cake Stands: here or on sale here
– Dinosaur Mold (for candy or crayons) here
Bones mold here
– Wooden Crates: here
– Magnifying Glasses here
Dinosaur Figurines
Toy Dinosaurs (We spray painted to use as playing pieces in our Dig-tag-toe game)


  1. Hi! i am copying your party to my son, Matthew, i already bought all printables and all, but on Nashville boxes they have thousand of boxes….kkk… can you give me the size of box , you used in this party?

  2. Absolute Perfection! Just outstanding Maureen. Best Dinosaur Party I have ever seen! Love how you brought in the fossil and museum feel to it.

    I love all the details of this amazing party!

  3. Hi!!! Maureen! thank you for the tip on with bag to get for the favors….but now i need other tip…. what food box to put all the food(sandwich+orange+carrots= tread mill), i saw so many sizes and running out of time to order and return if is wrong size…i am so happy i found your party…because i was days looking to a fossil party to my son….and your party is absolutely what i was looking for….a museum feel…a great party !!!!!!

    1. You can find a great selection on Amazon. The topiary balls on the table are about 4″ and and can be found here and here. For the pots you can just wrap boxes in brown kraft paper and then set the boxwood pot inside the box.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing detailed info. You should film a Youtube tutorial!
    Can you also share the link for the cake recipe too?
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