Introducing some new Anders Ruff designs for girlies!

We have some fun new designs to introduce to you.  We have had a lot of clients/fans ask us to update them when we have some new fun products added to the shop.  Ask and you shall receive.

We have been wanting to add some new girl parties to the shop, so today I’m sharing two new concepts…
Glam camping is a new theme/ trend that many girls are asking to use for their sleepover parties.  How cute!?  Pink wood grain and sassy camping gear makes for the perfect tone setter for any camping party!  I custom designed this for my sweet friend, Stacey, and was excited to introduce it to the shop.

Another popular theme is a little chef or baking party theme.  I designed this for our fabulous team member, Caryn.  Her daughter’s party is coming up and I can’t wait!  Popular pink and aqua make this easy to coordinate the perfect baking or cooking party.

The invites and collections are available in the shop.



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