Pierson’s Nerf Gun Laser Tag Party

nerf party

nerf party cake

Last weekend, my son celebrated his 8th birthday.  I had SO much fun planning his party. Last year he had a laser tag party and the kids had an absolute blast (no pun intended!)

I was so excited that Pierson asked to do another laser tag party and he put me up to the challenge to make it a “Nerf” inspired party. A Nerf gun party, sure! My boys are SUPER into Nerf Guns these days.  Their friends are, too!   I didn’t necessarily want 10 boys running around my house shooting Nerf guns, so we opted for the laser tag place.

I created this Nerf inspired invitation to send out to his friends. They all loved it! (The invite is available in the shop here)

nerf party invitation

I was limited for time as far as the party setup goes.  They gave me 30 minutes to get the room ready. The key was that I had everything prepped ahead of time and loaded into plastic bins that I could easily transfer from the car to the party room.

Erica of Driftwood Printing printed my backdrop (her printing is amazing).  You can find the Nerf style laser tag backdrop in the shop here.

I lined the tables with cute blue/white wrapping paper.

nerf party

Jelly Belly gave us so many yummy Jelly Belly for Brynne’s Monogram Slumber Party and so I used those colors and favors and it doubled as a centerpiece because they were perfect. I used the clear containers from Nashville Wraps and added a 2″ party logo from our Printable Collection (available here).

I tiered them on a black cake stand (I buy cake stands in regular popular colors and reuse them all the time for my parties!)

nerf party favors

The centerpieces were so simple.  I filled glass vases with blue Jelly Belly and then added a printable party logo on the outside. I stuck lasers (glow sticks) out of the Jelly Belly and then suctioned some Nerf Bullets to the side of the glass jar.

nerf party centerpieces

laser tag party

nerf cake toppers

nerf party backdrop

Our printable collection also has these cute bullet candy wraps! They are perfect for smarties candy! Aren’t they cute!?

nerf bullet candy

laser tag favors

I dressed up orange and yellow Gatorade bottles with our printable drink wrapper.  I adorned the cute polka dot straws with party flags from our collection.

nerf party water bottle wrapper

Ecreamery is the BEST! They make the most delicious gourmet ice cream and ship it to your door! I love that they personalize the containers, too! I sent them his logo and they added it to the containers. These are small sized ice cream individual cups and SO easy to distribute at the party. I loved not having to mess with places/spoons. The little spoon is inside the cup!  This was the perfect convenient treat for his party.

ice cream


Would you believe me if I told you the cake was <$30!?  I took a store bought cake (I told them to make it Nerf Yellow).  I printed our Nerf Party Cake Toppers and stuck them out of the cake. It was SO easy to do at the location and the kids LOVED it! I got lots of compliments from people passing by.


nerf party place setting

I loved wrapping bubble gum with our printable Nerf Gum Wrapper. (find it here!)

gum wrappers



I personalized gift hangtags for all the boys and girls. These are available in our shop here. You can laminate them so they can reuse them for their book bags, too!

nerf favor

I adorned a chevron gift bag with a printable thank you tag from our printable collection.

nerf party favors

Here is a peek inside their goodie box!


The boys LOVED their favors! The orange cupcake boxes were so easy to fill and I love that you can peek inside!  We had Nerf gun gum wrappers, nerf bullet candy wraps on smarties and Pop rocks labels as well as Jelly Belly in these cute containers.



Thanks to all of Pierson’s friends for making his party a blast!  Be sure to check out the printable offerings to make your OWN amazing laser tag or nerf gun party!

– Party concept and styling and photography: Anders Ruff
– Party Printables: Anders Ruff Shop
– Backdrop Printing: Driftwood Printing
– Jelly Belly Candy: Jelly Belly
– Clear candy containers, shred: Nashville Wraps

SOURCES to find these fabulous items to recreate this look:
Nerf Gun favors
Nerf BulletsAqua Wrapping Paper Runner
– Black Cake Stands
– Orange Cupcake Boxes

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