Ruff Draft: How to make a Tissue Paper Chef Hat

If you haven’t heard, our little Super P (Pierson, Maureen’s youngest) celebrated his 5th birthday last weekend!  Maureen threw the most AMAZING Pizzeria Birthday Party for Pierson and all of his little buddies! (You can see the invite and the printable collection here.  She will be adding more coordinating printables in the coming week.  So many great printables and ideas for this theme!)

Maureen literally turned her kitchen and living room into an Italian Bistro as well as created several adorable DIY projects and decor!  Today I’m going to give you a little sneak peak to her party as well as show you our Ruff Draft: How to make a Tissue Paper Chef Hat!

pizza party hanging decorations

This DIY Chef Hat is perfect for any sort of baking party, pizza party, or any other cooking party!  Maureen suspended them from her ceiling throughout the rooms – they were the absolute perfect touch!

– White tissue paper
– White construction paper
– Tape
– Scissors/Ruler


1. First measure your hat band width/length and cut the poster board to size (we created  bands that measured:  17″ long by 3.25″ tall – but these were for decorations, not to actually fit a real head).
2. Once band is cut, unfold tissue paper.
3. Begin at top edge of tissue paper, and make 1/4″ size pleats (about 5 at a time). 


 4. As you create about 5 pleats, tape the pleats in place along the edge length of the band.  Continue to do this until the tissue has been pleated and ends to the halfway point of the band length (in this case 8.5″)


5.  Next you need to pleat the opposite end of the tissue paper (taping the pleats together by themselves, not to band).


6. After the pleats are finished, overlap band by 1/4″-1/2″ and tape closed


7.  Fold tissue paper in half, so the unattached edge can be taped to inside of band.


8. You will need to pull the unattached edge inside the band and tape it along the band… it is ok if there are gaps open on each end – just do not overlap the pleats at the sides.
9.  At each side, pleat and gather tissue  from bottom of open end to the other bottom open end.  Pinch the pleats together to create a little pleated tuck and pull inside the hat band.


10.  Once the pleated tuck is pulled inside, tape it to the hat band so it closes the hat side.   Repeat on opposite side.  *Note, it helps to insert your hand underneath/inside the hat to gently fluff the tissue so it rounds out, while doing this step.  You kind of need to fluff it into place.


We can’t wait to show off more sneak peeks of Pierson’s Pizzeria Birthday Party.

pizza party ideas

These DIY chef hats add just the extra detail needed for an inexpensive 3D effect.  You can see all of our chef parties here, for more designs & ideas!  Stay tuned for the full party release and more DIY crafts & foods on the Ruff Draft!


  1. What a cute craft idea! I would’ve never thought about actually making my own chef hat. Can’t wait to see the entire party!

  2. Thank you!!! My almost-4-year-old wants a baking party. These will be perfect with some cupcake-paper flowers!

  3. I love this..thank you .I always wonder about this and making an Ice Cream Hat know the one the Ice Cream Man used to wear…lol miss those day !

  4. I am also having a 5th birthday party for my Pierson! 🙂 Imagine my surprise when I found this! Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  5. Thank you for sharing. Been looking for this idea all over. My baby girl will be having a cake decorating party so I can’t wait to make these and give it a try 🙂 Thanks so much.

  6. Thank you! Thank you! My daughter wants to dress up as a chef/baker for school tomorrow and this worked perfectly!!!

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