Our Vintage {Pop Art Inspired} Super Hero Party – Super P Turns 3!

Vintage Pop Art Super Hero Birthday Party

Vintage Super Hero Party Dessert Table

My little Super P Turns 3.  Vintage Pop Art Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party
As Seen on Hostess with the Mostess!

Here is the background on how this theme and concept was formed…

Being in the “party business”, I (Maureen) always have a vision for what I’d love for my own childrens’ birthday parties, usually which doesn’t align with what they actually want. My son, Pierson, could not be talked out of having a “Super Hero” party. I am always trying to steer clear of commercial characters and I knew I could take the traditional “Super Hero” in a whole new direction.
I have always loved the striking and vintage aesthetic of Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art. I decided to have a Vintage Pop Art Super Pierson Party. (PS. Printables are now available in the shop!)
Most moms to boys end up having a super hero party of some sort, and I wanted to show that you can have a really interesting, cool and fresh and appealing party without having to use commercial characters.

For this party, the graphics helped to mold the decor throughout the whole party.
I designed a “Super P” emblem graphic that would be repeated throughout the party. We also brought in some of the “icons” of super heroes – the traditional big city skyline. Patterns used throughout the party and graphics were representative of old comic books include halftone patterns as well as classic “benday dots” (Lichtenstein’s trademark).

I designed the super hero invitation below to help set the tone of the party. All of the elements on the invite would be carried out throughout the entire party. I embellished the envelope with a return address label that was a conversation bubble, and then a halftone pattern “to” label. (Both included in our complete printable package in our shop!)

(FYI lots of our sources can be found at the bottom of the post if you are overwhelmed!)

Vintage Super Hero Party Invitation

A few of my favorite elements from this Super Hero party was:
– The look of the Super Hero desserts
– The look of the backdrop with the buildings placed behind the desserts
– The telephone booth where kids could go to turn into a Super Hero

We had some amazing dessert vendors and I can’t wait to share the eye candy from the dessert table! Photography from none other than Becca Bond Photography. The main dessert table featured a large “Super P” emblem (find here) on the black/white polkadot backdrop.  The table featured “buildings” of varying heights in the red/blue and white colors – these buildings reflected the graphics that we used on the printables. (TIP: I got boxes of all sizes at my local Home Depot, wrapped with large banner roll papers (find some cheap here) and embellished with windows using electrical tape and black cardstock punched with square punches)

Birds Eye View of Vintage Super Hero Party Desserts


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The desserts were mainly displayed on very “pop” feeling lacquer white wooden boxes.  Mine had some black etching on the edges but you could also use white or black lacquer boxes as seen here. You will see more pieces from this lacquer set throughout the party tables.

A standard at most of our dessert table are the fondant toppers from Two Sugar Babies. I had the pleasure of meeting Charynn, the owner, in NYC at the Martha event last month. She is just as sweet in person! We hit it off and I just LOVE her work!
Check out the amazing Super P logo fondant toppers. The guests raved!

The beautiful cupcake wrappers are from Bella Cupcake Couture… I think they add a finishing touch that the cupcakes needed.

Vintage Super Hero Party Cupcakes

The cake was made by the sweetest cake company! Got What It Cakes, which is owned by Mandie Miller. I was so thrilled when she found us on Martha’s site and we connected.

The cake couldn’t have been more perfect. Mandie put a conversation bubble with “YUM” at the top. How PERFECT!? The skyline coordinates perfectly with the invitation and then the 2nd tier being the benday dot inspired pattern.

Yes, Adria and I dressed up in super hero capes, too!

Vintage Super Hero Party Desserts

Next sinfully delish confection are the cookies! The Cookie Jar made the most adorable cookie pops that have super hero comments. She also replicated the Super P logo on cookies! Pure amazingness.

I added some printable party logos from oursuper hero collection to the cupcakes to bring in some more graphic elements.

Vintage Super Hero Party Dessert

Super cute “3″ Lollis were from Vintage Confection. I just love how impactful simple things like big 3 shaped lollis can be!

View of Vintage Super Hero Party Desserts

View of Vintage Super Hero Party Desserts

The sweetness doesn’t stop there. We had oreos with coordinating polkadots from Sweeties by Kim. They were fabulous and totally fit in w/ the color scheme and the “feel” of the table. LOVE.

Super Hero Cake

See… a party can be what your child wants without being overly characterized/commercialized. I just love taking a new twist on traditional themes!What a super sweet dessert table that was, huh?
Again, for this Vintage Super Hero Party, POP ART is what inspired me for the printable graphics and design of this party. Roy Lichtenstein is one of my favorite artists, and so I wanted to incorporate his style of interpreting comics.

Below is the candy bar that was displayed at the party. We had so many treats, we had to have several “treat” tables….

I took a photo of Pierson wearing his mask and super hero costume and it inspired me to hand draw a pop art inspired poster of Pierson.
Below is the result of my illustration of Pierson in “Roy Lichtenstein” style pop art.

We offer the customized (your kid’s hair and eye color!) printable pop art poster here (print yourself or we offer printing!)

Pop Art Super Hero Candy Bar

Glassine bags with printable party logos on them were displayed at the candy bar for the children to fill up with treats. A conversation bubble sign was displayed that said “Thanks for saving Pierson’s 3rd birthday! Pack up some Super Treats and enjoy!”

With the Super Hero / Pop Art theme, I focused on big city skyline graphics throughout the party.

It seemed only fitting to serve the candies in buildings! I found some squared clear containers (find similar squared clear containers) to use for the candy. I cut out squares of black cardstock and applied them to the containers to look like windows. I then filled the containers with red, blue and yellow candies and treats (the color scheme)…

You can find some candy like what we showed here: Chiclets, Yellow candies, Red Candies, blue candies and more color coordinated candies! You don’t have to buy the most expensive candy, but just candies in the color scheme of the party!

Candy scoops can be found here.

Vintage Super Hero Candy Bar 2

I made these layered jello shooters for the kids to pull in more of the colors from the party. The children loved them! (they were non-alcoholic, of course!). I stuck a Super P logo flag out of the treats.

We used cheap clear plastic shot glasses to make these jellos. Find the jello making tutorial here on the ruff draft.

Super Hero Jellos

Audrey of Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats created these adorable cake pops for the party. I just love them! We served them on circular cutouts of printable paper from our printable collection.

We displayed our printable party labels with the name of each treat.

Super Hero Candy Bar

We served yellow chocolates, red licorice, red candy, aqua sour straws, yellow/black boxes of Chiclets, yellow Harbaro gummies, blue old fashioned candy sticks, and more!

Vintage Super Hero Candy Bar 3

Now, onto the Favor Table.  All of the children took home their personalized capes and masks, but they also got some special treats from the candy bar and the favor table… I adore the large paper wrapped boxes. (Tip: Use this large scale paper to wrap recycled boxes and black electrical tape to create the windows)

Polka Dot Balloons can be found here!

Super hero party favor table

Grayce (Adria’s daughter) loved modeling her sweet cape and super emblem. (Available in the shop – easy to print on label paper (we love onlinelabels.com) and apply to the kids’ shirts!)

Super hero party favor table 2
Adorable cookie pops were displayed in the lacquer boxes that I lined with patterned papers. The Cookie Jar made the cookies and they were both beautiful and delish!
You can see the printable favor hangtags from our collection attached the cookies that were wrapped in cellophane bags (from Nashville Wraps!)

The colored popcorn was a hit!  More of the fabulous cake pops from Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats were displayed as well….

Favors for Super Hero PartyWe also displayed yummy cake pops from Dreamin N’ Details. We put cute little printable “POP” flags on the top of the cake pops. The guests loved nibbling on these!

treats for super hero party

What was on the menu? HERO sandwiches, of course. Labeled with our printables (instant download here), of course!
Little fruit cups were served and they had “MMM” and “YUM”stickers on them…(These are included in our printable collection)

Super hero party food ideas - hero sandwichesAll of the tables were pre-set with place settings for each child.  I had made boxed lunches and put them in a white gable box.

I adhered the printable coloring page from our shop on it for the kids to color (think “classy” McDonalds happy meal haha!)  The “callout / conversation bubble” says “Don’t forget to eat your veggies!” ;-)

I designed luggage tags for all of the kids with their name on them. Those would signify where the children were to sit.

Each place setting had a black and white polka dot plate (find some similar here), a water bottle (with our printable wrapper on it), and a cute little pop bottle with candies in it (Thought “POP” would be a good logo to put on those… the kids LOVED them!) Also, red/yellow/blue markers were placed at the tables for the kids to color their lunch boxes….

The lacquer tray to hold the cupcakes was so adorable. You can find white and red rectangle lacquer trays here.

Place Settings for Super Hero Party

I wrapped plastic silverware with black/white polkadot napkins from Target and sealed it with one of our printable party logos.

Place Settings for Super Hero birthday party

Pierson had a special seat!  He got an awesome reusable lunch bag from Urban Harmonie Designs.

super hero party

The cake cutting is always a blast.  At cake time, we used pop art plates that were perfect for the theme.  They were so SUPER!

Super hero cake and candles

When the children arrived, they were given a “Super Emblem” with their initial on it. (It was a sticker that they would adhere to their shirt) I had considered appliquéing shirts for all the kids, but I quit w/ that idea after finishing Pierson’s and Jeffrey’s ;-) Stickers were MUCH easier and they would be useful for one of the games (later on I’ll share)….

super friends

The children were pointed in the direction of the London Style “telephone booth” (That I made from a refrigerator box! But you can also order a photo booth telephone booth prop here if you don’t want the hours of hassle! ha!). There they would transform from their secret identity to their SUPER HERO identity. All of the children were given capes and masks… (Kid Kapers is the BEST – she makes custom capes and masks!) They also had their Super Hero Logo sticker on their shirt…

Super hero party activitiesSo cute!

Super hero party activities Telephone Booth

Next up …. Pin the Super Logo on Pierson’s Super P!
I drew a pop art graphic poster of Pierson (remember, over the candy bar?)….
The kids were blindfolded and given a super hero emblem sticker (with their initial – like the one they wore on their shirt)…. they had to pin their logo on Pierson’s logo….

Super Hero Emblem Game

The action…

Pin the emblem game

Great job, super kiddies!

Pin the emblem game

Next up – the coloring wall / graffiti wall….
I designed a skyline with some personalized touches like the big Super P Logo and some cute call outs….

This 135″ x 36″ tall poster wrapped under my bar in my kitchen and the kids were to “Color the wall with their favorite super color”…
This kept the kids busy! What kid wouldn’t want to color on the wall!?  We now offer professional printing for our coloring wall posters, backdrops and emblems! (In the shop here)

Super hero party activities coloring wall posterBy popular demand, we are now offering this customized printable coloring poster in our shop!

By the way, you can’t really tell…. but I wrapped my bar. I wrapped the edge of the granite with an aqua grosgrain ribbon and then fit a piece of black/white polkadot wrapping paper to the top portion so that the bar would “coordinate” ;-)

Super hero party activities coloring wall poster 2

We had a Photo Booth for the children to have their pictures taken. We made (DIY project) a fake barbell weight that the kids could pretend to be lifting over their heads. we also had handheld signs that said “Boom” and “Pow”. The backdrop was the polkadot/benday dot pattern that was repeated on the dessert table. We also had a printed “conversation bubble” that was on the backdrop and it said “Happy 3rd Birthday Super Pierson”.
We got some funny shots!

You’lll see that we had yellow/red/blue cardboard bricks that the kids enjoyed building walls and breaking through walls like a super hero.

Super hero photo boothLove these super kids!

Super hero photo booth 2Jeffrey being crazy.

Super hero photo booth  3

The kids all had a blast and the birthday boy, Pierson, was loving his mask and cape from Kid Kapers!

super p

The Anders Ruff girls… Me (left) and Adria (right).  Thanks, Adria, for helping me handle the setup and cleanup process!

Super Hero Anders Ruff

We have had such rave reviews that are are now offering ALL of the printable designs shown in this party in our shop.  We will customize the designs to your child’s initial and personalize it for their own Super Party.  (Note – we now offer this in SUPER GIRL colors!)


– Event Styling, Graphic Design & Printables (Posters, banners, tags, signs, etc) –Anders Ruff Shop
– Photography – Becca Bond Photography

PRODUCT SOURCES to help you create a Super Hero party:
Party Props & Decor:

– Polka Dot Balloons – here
– Clear Plastic Shot Glasses for layered jello – here
– Cupcake Wrappers – Bella Cupcake Couture
– Custom Capes and Masks – Kid Kapers
– Black and White Paper Plates – here or here
– Pop art super hero plates – here
– White Gable Boxes and Cello Bags – Nashville Wraps
– Printable Party Elements: Tags, Labels, Favors, Invites, & More – Anders Ruff Custom Designs
– Photo Booth Prop (we made ours but you can order one here)
– Buildings – Recycled Boxes wrapped with Colored Banner Paper from here or here and windows from electrical tape
– Polka Dot Backdrop Printable here or use black and white fabric here
– Clear Candy Containers here (add black squares to make look like buildings)
– White Lacquer Boxes (similar to what is seen on our dessert table)
– More Super Hero Masks here

Desserts & Sweets:
– Candy – Yellow Candy, Chiclets, Red Candy, Yellow Chocolates, Licorice, Blue Candy Sticks and more here
– Custom Cake – Got What It Cakes
– Custom Cake Pops – Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
– Chocolate Covered Oreos – Sweeties by Kim
– Sugar Cookies – The Cookie Jar
– “3” Lollipops – Vintage Confections
– Colored Popcorn – here


  1. Hi there… None of the links to your shop seem to be working? Are you still selling your designs? Ta, Claire

  2. Hi,

    What a great party. Can you tell my how long the table is you used for the main desert table and the height of the backdrop with Super P Emblem.


  3. Hi,

    You gals are amazing! how long did it take to do this? what about the price for all of this? I was wondering how the background for the tables are created with fabric or gift wrap paper?

    1. Hi Cynthia!
      Thanks for your message! You can find all of the printables in our shop here:
      I didn’t keep track of the time but it took me a lot longer to create everything because I had to come up with the ideas, too 😉 It would be much quicker and easier to re-create from the ideas I put together. Also, the printables help so much!

      Feel free to email us at sales@andersruff.com for any questions.

  4. I love the canisters with the candy in it. Are these plastic and did the lids come black? I went to target but couldn’t find them.

  5. Hi there! I love it!

    What type of fabric did you use for tha capes? I saw that some of then were diferent from cetim with no sew. Thanks

    1. Hi Sandra!
      I found a non-woven stretchy material at my fabric store. It was almost a spandex type material. It was great so I didn’t have to make seems!

  6. Hi!!! I just have to tell you that I absolutely adore your VintageComic Book inspired superhero party!!! Couple of questions for you if you’re willing to share…
    1) Where did you find the glass/plastic rectangular/square candy dishes? Did you use electrical tape on them for decoration?

    2) Is there any possible way you’d be willing to send a jpeg of your incredible comic caricature superhero drawing that you did freehand of your son?? My son looks exactly like that (K for Kingston as opposed to Super Peirson) but still just like him!!! I’d LOVE to blow up that same image If at all possible! I wouldn’t mind paying you for the image!

    Please let me know & thanks so much again for all the wonderful ideas!!

  7. What is the dumbbell made from? I’m looking to make something similar for my son’s strong man costume. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah! I used a dowel rod and circle styro discs on the ends… and then I covered it with the duct tape. Super easy !;-)

  8. I love the sandwich and fruit label stickers! I see the printable labels in your shop, but how did you make them stickers?

    1. Hi Rachel! We include instructions with our printables, so no worries! The best way to make them stickers is to print on 8.5×11 full sheets of sticker/label paper and then cut them with scissors or a 2″ circle craft punch. Let us know if you have other questions! sales@andersruff.com

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