He POPped The question – Pop Art Engagement Party

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I am in LOVE with Roy Lichtenstien and pop art, which is what inspired me to create my son’s Vintage Super Hero party last year.

Leoni of Just Call Me Martha recently contacted us to create some printable graphics from our Super Hero collection and tailor them towards an engagement party.  The idea sounded really creative and cute but we had no clue what the results would be…. Stunning!

Now to share all of the beautiful photos from the “He POPped the question” Engagement Party….

I adore the bright, bold colors and the beautiful desserts. (I want that yellow buffet!)

The treats that were served included raspberry jelly yogurt shots, strawberry flan, mini raspberry pancake stacks, apple cinnamon muffins, and lemon blackberry cheesecake cones.

Each guest took home a red letter box favor filled with Pop Art sugar cookies (Love how they used the printable graphics to create this effect!) and Oreo heart sprinkle pops.

Thank you for sharing, Leoni!  Gorgeous styling, food, photography and decor!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Styling and food: Just call me Martha
Printables and graphics: Anders Ruff
Photography: Enraptured Photography
Props and vessels: Little Big Company


  1. Another stunning and awesome idea from the two of you! It was so fun to meet you a few months ago with Jen and Kaylee for the photo shoot. I LOVE clicking on to your site everytime you post!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our lovely engagement breakfast. We enjoyed styling this party but most of all we enjoyed seeing the happy and ecited faces of the engaged couple 🙂 Anders Ruff, we love your printables, and this set was just adorable!!

  3. Stunning! I loved it! I want this huge Roy Lichtenstein style backdrop for me!!! How do I get it?

    1. Hi there! We don’t sell the poster backdrop, I’m so sorry! We sell all of the other printable pop art items, though!

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