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So many of us have images of priceless memories stored in our Instagram, Facebook or Smartphone photo galleries.  There the memories stay stored until….well, for most of it’s forever!  Printic, an app for iPhones and androids, has a fun an incredibly easy way to turn your digital photos into actual polaroid styled prints mailed directly to your door all with the touch of your little texting finger!
Printic Mail Love

Using the app is simple, easy and fun! Just take several of your favorite photos straight from your smartphone, add a couple of lines of text (optional) and Printic pops them in the mail for you, postage and all, to any one that you want! The prints are top-of-the-line, glossy 3-by-4 inch Polaroid-type prints. The first print is only $2.19, (shipping and tax is included anywhere in the world) and additional ones are only .49.  Polaroid photos typically have white borders, but Printic allows you to change the border color and decide where you want the text position to be on your photo. You can also turn all those digital memories into a customized polaroid calendar and it’s delivered in a cute orange box with everything you need.

Printic with Custom Text

Printic Calendar 2

Just one of the many things that has me so excited about this app is a brilliant idea I have come up with (toot, toot).  When your event has ended and the cake has  been wiped up off the floor and the plastic plates tossed, you can put your feet up, scroll through the party photos that you took with your smartphone, and pick out your most favorite moments to send photo thank yous to all your guest!  A cheap and easy option for you, and so super fun for the recipient!  There are some new products and features coming soon as well…as if it could get any better!

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  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but I can’t wait to get it! Looks neat, I will use it for all occasions!

  2. This sounds great! All my pictures have been lost to our laptop and phone since the world went digital. I would have no excuse if I won this!

  3. What a handy, innovative, yet old school idea! I would love to make a calendar…or put some cute text on a pic, or change the border colors…oh, the fun I would have. Thanks for introducing me to Printic. I hope I win!!

  4. I love this and NEED this!! My kids will love seeing all if daily candid shots come to life!!

  5. I would love to win this and use it to get a set of my daughter’s daily looks! She has a fab sense of style and it’d be great to be able to sort through the looks!

  6. This looks like a great app. I can’t wait to try it. I will use it the same way I use all my others. To give me an excuse to take more pictures. 🙂

  7. Wow! These apps never stop adding to all our creativity!!! They make it soo easy and now we have new one. Very nice!

  8. What a great app! We have a blank space in our hallway – I would love to use printics to arrange a mosaic right on the wall with thumbtacks of choice photos from the last year.

  9. What a great idea! I would print pictures of my girls and making a book of their birthday’s next month is a wonderful idea!

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