Ruff Draft: A Fresh Take on Old Crayons (Lego Minifigure Crayon Tutorial)

We have had several questions about how we make crayon favors for our parties (Remember my son’s Lego inspired party here?).  We are starting to offer customized printable coloring books in the shop, so making your own themed crayons for your parties seems like the perfect idea for an economical and cute favor!

Today, I will show you the simple steps it takes to recycle your old dingy broken crayons into brand new party favors!!

Supplies needed:
Clean soup cans – one can per color (pinch can inwards, so liquid will pour out easier)
Old crayons – sorted by color
Mold – we found the lego mold here and here
Clear bags to package



1. Heat a pan of boiling water

2. Put broken crayons (same/similar colors) into a can – they can even be dirty… once they melt, the dirtiness will blend away.

3. Melt crayons -it takes only a couple minutes….  (be careful that your can does not fall over into boiling water – you need to keep it upright.  Can will not get hot, so you can hold onto it)

melting crayons

4. Pour melted crayons into molds

5. Let cool – you can put into freezer to cool quicker



Once liquid is solid, you can pop the crayons out of the mold – Put into a bag, and you have a party favor!

* I made pink lego people – who says they have to be boy colors 🙂

pink crayons


pink lego

Here are some lego crayons from Maureen’s son, Jeffrey’s party!  She designed printable coloring books to match (in the shop here)!  You can see more ideas from his lego party here.

crayon book


multi colors

Put them in a bag, add a coloring book – so cute, and very inexpensive!!!

coloring book

Find candy molds or soap molds that match the theme of your party, and create these adorable party favors for your next event!

Interested in having a custom coloring book designed for your next party?  Email us at for more info!


Did you find this tutorial helpful?  If so, leave us a comment and share with others!

Printable Coloring Book
Minifigure Candy and Crayon Molds



  1. What a great idea for making something from old crayons. Going to email my son’s teacher and tell her to save me the old ones and I can do this for his classroom. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. It makes me imagine all of the forms new crayons can take – they have molds for just about everything! I can’t wait to try this as a party favor.

  3. I am loving this.. I just got lego crayons in the mail the other day! And just now, I got little lego guys made of chocolate! Can’t wait til October for my son’s party!

  4. Hi. I wanted to inquire how many crayons do you need to melt in order to fill/make one tray of “Lego” crayons??

    1. Hi Tiffany! Since I used broken crayons and new crayons together, It is hard to estimate. I’d say each tray would need at least 15 crayons, though… Thanks!

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