The Magic Elf has Landed

Magic Elf Full Table

Thanksgiving has officially passed and in the blink of an eye media streams have become inundated with little Elf sightings!  To celebrate their arrival, Candy Galaxy set up a delicious candy buffet that will definitely keep all those little Elfs busy and out of trouble.  With our Magic Elf holiday collection helping to set the tone for what is clearly a festive event!

Magic Elf Nice

collage 2

Mgic Elf 2

Candy Galaxy is an online shop that is filled with every imaginable type of candy.  You can talk to a candy expert who will help guide you in creating  a delicious and festive looking candy buffet of your own or read their Candy Buffets 101 article.  They’ll help with everything from Presentation to Quantity needed!

Collage 1


To celebrate the launch of their new website, Candy Galaxy is currently running a giveaway with us so be sure to enter here.  Also, check back in with us tomorrow and our little Elf might just have something sweet to offer you!