Anders Ruff in Newspapers Nationwide!

We were thrilled to be contacted recently by the Associated Press for an interview.  They wrote up an article and wanted to make our gender neutral baby shower the main feature of the article. Well, the article has been run in MANY newspapers all the way from Hawaii to New York!  We are so excited.

I had kinda forgotten about the article until my mom called a few weeks ago from Michigan saying that the article made the COVER of the Detroit Free Press Life section!  Then, we got another email from Adria’s friend in Miami saying she saw it in the Miami Herald.  From there, things kinda spun out of control and articles were popping up left and right around the US.

The articles mention some other fabulous party planning website links such as our friends at Hostess with the Mostess, Sunny by Design, The Bump and Catch my Party ….

The articles mainly featured photos from our gender neutral baby shower that Becca Bond Photography shot back in spring.

I’m just now getting around to sharing this but thought I’d mention it in case you keep your newspapers.
If you check the past few weeks newspapers, you will probably find our article tucked inside somewhere, since the article got a ton of traction.

Here are just a few of the newspapers that we know the story has made it into:
Detroit Free Press
– Miami Herald
Connecticut Post
Chicago Defender
– Seattle Times
Bismark Tribune
Hawaii Tribune Herald
North County Times
and the list continues….  If you google “Kim Cook Associated Press Baby Showers” pages and pages of hits show up.

We are so grateful and thankful for this awesome opportunity!

Did you happen to spot us in your newspaper within the past 5 weeks? We’d love to hear!


  1. Love it, love it. My family just saw it in the Green Bay press Gazette in Wisconsin and the Mining Journal in Marquette Michigan. Two very random places I know but it just keeps on going. Great exposure you totally deserve it.

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