Ruff Draft: Snap Crackle Pop Rice Crispy Stars for the 4th of July

Rice crispy stars and sparklers

Rice Crispy Stars for 4th of July

We are excited to start showing some of our newest 4th of July Printables from our Patriotic photo shoot from partnering with Kohl’s . We are loving the Rice Crispy Treat trend and are sharing with you quick Rice Crispy Stars you can make this 4th of July.  We created party flags in our newest collection that says “Snap Crackle Pop” – perfect for this Rice Crispy Treat Display.

Rice Crispy Star for 4th of July

1. Make Rice Crispy Treats according to box recipe.
2. Roll out rice crispy mix (like cookie dough) on sheets of wax paper (I put one on top and one below) until rice crispy treat is even in thickness.

Rolling out rice crispy treats

rice crispy stars

3. Cut out stars with cookie cutter (helpful hint: spray cookie cutter with Pam cooking spray to keep rice crispy from sticking to cookie cutter).

Cuttin out stars4. Drizzle melting chocolate on stars
Drizzling melting chocolate5. Once chocolate is dry, flip over and add a dollop of melting chocolate on the backside to adhere lollipop stick.

Star pops

6. Add printable party flags from our new Patriotic Collection and stick in container of your choice.

Rice crispy stars for 4th of JulyI decided to stick in sparklers with my treat display and lit them for added fun. 


Rice crispy stars and sparklers
Rice crispy stars and sparklers

Make sure you remove sparklers out of containers before lighting… as you can see, I almost burnt down my display just to get a “cute shot”. lol


Stay tuned for more 4th of July party posts next week.
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