Ruff Draft: Springtime Rice Crispy Cake

We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter Weekend!  We had beautiful spring weather down here in the South! I’m posting the Ruff Draft early this week, because I wanted to show off this incredible dessert Maureen brought to my house over the weekend!  You will oooh and ahhhh over the simplicity and cuteness… not many cakes are this easy to make!

This past Friday I had a small Easter Egg coloring brunch – it was supposed to be low-key, simple foods & EASY-PEASY, since everyone had busy weekend plans.  I made a simple chicken salad served on croissants, various cheeses, crackers and fresh fruit.  Caryn brought a deliciously light pesto barley & tomato side dish and Maureen brought the most ADORABLE springtime rice crispy cake.  It was so impressive, I had to show it on the Ruff Draft!!!  This cake was perfect for our Easter gathering… but I know it would be great for any celebration!  Bonus – not only is the cake easy to make… it is also GLUTEN-FREE!!!

Ready to be impressed???  I am still dying over how great this cake turned out and even I could make it!!!


Rice crispy treat ingredients for 3 batches (follow recipe from box)
3 baking pan sizes
Icing of your choice in various colors
Piping bottles
M&Ms in pastel colors
Printable cake topper (Maureen used a topper from this year’s Easter Printable Collection)


1. Create 1st batch of rice crispy treat and mold into largest cake pan size.
2. Create 2nd batch of rice crispy treat and mold into middle cake pan size.
3. Create 3rd batch of rice crispy treat and mold into smallest cake pan size.  Maureen had some extra from this batch that she added to the largest cake pan to really fill it the large pan to the top.

** Maureen uses these awesome Wilton baking pans:
gluten-free4. Once rice crispy treats have hardened, remove from pans and stack on top of each other. (You can place them directly onto your cake stand)
5. Next, pipe colored icing around each base using various tips and colors.

**Maureen uses these Kuhn Rikon piping bottles to make the job so much easier!  Just fill with colors and they are easy to switch tips and don’t make a mess.


6. Last pipe icing on top so M&M’s can stick in place!  Add a printable cake topper, and it’s complete! (We used the printable from our Classic Pastel Easter Collection)


The kids went CRAZY over this cake… there was no mess….  and what I love most is that it is GLUTEN-FREE!!!!


You could make this cake for any occasion (birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, pool party (So great because it won’t melt in the heat), neighborhood bbq… etc).  Any moms out there???  Make one for your spring-break week and the kids will think you are the coolest mom EVER!!!

Hope your Easter Break is filled with sunny weather!!!  Enjoy!!!


  1. Yummm…myyyyyy!!! an you say Cake Please!!! This is so cute. Now if only I had some rice krispies.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Is there any way to make this without marshmallows?

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