Lauren’s Little Chef / Baking Party

I am thrilled to share this precious party with you!  Our fabulous team member, Caryn, just had a super adorable Little Chef / Baking Party for her daughter, Lauren.

I knew our shop needed a fresh new baking party concept, and when Caryn’s daughter chose a Baking themed party, my wheels got spinning.  I custom designed graphics for her party and are thrilled to show off some of Caryn’s precious ideas today. She did such a wonderful job!

Caryn sent out this invitation (in the shop now!)

printable baking cooking birthday party invitation

Starting with the children’s table…
Caryn displayed a framed printable party sign from the printable party collection in the center of the table.

baking party little chef party sign and table decor

At each child’s place setting, Caryn had a wish, wooden spoon and rolling pin.  She found the wooden rolling pin at the craft store and painted the ends of the rolling pin based on if it was for a boy or girl.  The boys got aqua, and the girls got pink.  She also had 3 glass ramekins for each child (to be used during the baking part of the party)

We designed a printable personalized place mat that Caryn printed and laminated for each child’s place setting.  Such a great part of the decor and a take home favor at the end of the party.

baking party little chef party place settings

Caryn’s mom made the cutest cafe curtains that matched the decor of pink and aqua/light blue.  These were SO cute and a great backdrop to coordinate the party.  She then strung the scalloped shape printable banner that we designed from the curtains.

I’m excited to share more photos of the setup….

baking party little chef party table setup

Isn’t her daughter, Lauren, precious!?  I designed a logo with each child’s name that Caryn then ironed onto aprons that her mom sewed.  Her mom got solid white aprons to use as the base and added ruffle embellishments and ribbon trim around the neck.  Her mom also made the adorable chef hats with matching trim around the band/edges.  She even made these adjustable so they Velcro in the back!

baking party little chef party banner

baking party little chef party aprons

Here is another shot oft he adorable aprons.  There were two boys, so she made boy appropriate aprons as well.  Pierson, my son, loved his!

baking party little chef party aprons

baking party little chef party setup and decor

Here are some more setup photos.  Caryn displayed glass bottles with party flags adorned on paper straws.  Pink lemonade was displayed in a glass carafe and embellished with a ruffle backed party logo.  She also displayed waters with printable drink wraps.

baking party little chef party drinks and straws

Caryn added coordinating fabric to her backsplash to tie the kitchen in with the kids table area.

baking party little chef party kitchen

baking party little chef party setup


Now, to the activities….

The first activity was baking pizzas.  Each child was given a lump of pizza dough that they could roll out on their laminated place mat with their rolling pin.  Then, they were given the 3 ramekins full of sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

baking party little chef party- making pizzas

Next, the kids made their own fruit skewers.  Since the kids are only 3 and 4, this was a great age appropriate activity.  My son, Pierson, was LOVING these fruit skewers!

baking party little chef party fruit skewers

Caryn’s 6 year old daughter, Elyse, did such a great job helping the 3 and 4 year olds!

baking party little chef party activities

Next, the kids got to decorate cupcakes.  They loved adding their own icing and sprinkles. Some mixed their blue and pink icing to make purple…. they all loved their creations (and loved eating them).

baking party little chef party cupcake decorating

At the end of the party, the kids prepped one of their favors.  They got to make Bakerella’s cowgirl cookies.  The kids loved it!

baking party little chef party favors

Caryn used the printable favor tag on the cookie container and then put the recipe on the backside.baking party little chef party cookie making

Lauren had so much fun with her friends!

baking party little chef party decorations

Caryn and her sweet Lauren… and then Andy and the fam.  Such a cute family!

Great job, Caryn!

You can find the full collection of printables including the invitation, decor and other accessories here.



Styling by Caryn Johnson of Anders Ruff

Printable Graphic Invitation and Decor / Photography by Anders Ruff

Paper Straws from Polka Dot Market

Glass Milk Bottles from My Little Love


  1. Hi ,
    This is absolutely daughter is turning five next month and i was planning something like this at home.since i have a home run bakery , i thought why not give it a try.
    you guys gave me such wonderful inspirations.
    thank you.
    Keep up the good work
    P.s. I have attached the website for my bakery . You can follow me on Facebook too in the following link.

    1. Hi Angie! Caryn’s mom made them – but sookeedesigns makes adorable ones that could probably be exactly the same – You can reach out to her at
      She made aprons for my son’s pizza party that we have on our home page right now.
      The graphic on the front is an iron on that we do sell, though, if you are interested.

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